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Best Hairdresser in the local area

Our Hairdresser in the local area has a large variety of treatments to choose from, whether you desire a quirky pixie cut or a simple wash and blow dry, you’ve come to the right place. Our products represent the quality of our work: used, tested and suggested by industry experts, they are made to uplift, pamper, moisturize and add volume to your locks. You won’t be disappointed with your new hairdo, you’ll leave us looking and feeling fabulous, ready for any event that’s thrown your way!

Look fantastic with GHD curls

Our hairdressers have been skilled in colour correction and take into account many factors before changing your hair colour once it's been dyed, most especially your roots. We can clear up hair disasters, home-dye situations gone wrong and other treatments you don't like. Our experts will neutralize any colours that don't suit you and mask splashes of dye with more natural shades. So whatever your situation, don't panic. Our colour correctors are here to aid!

Our process is quick and easy

Get in touch with us today and we’ll advise you with a course of treatment that would best suit your demands. We can get to the root of the dilemma and get your hair sorted for you in no time at all! We’re happy to supply you with a price list over the phone or via email, so once you’re booked in for an appointment all you have to do is swing by, unwind and let a fully skilled hairdresser attend all your needs.

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